Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone to look for America.....

May 23, 2008

Lunch at home: Today we were to start at about 12 :00 am but Tublu could not come back on time as she had a tough meeting in office as a result we went slightly late at about 1:30 all was packed and we had lunch in the house as well. g from a rope together.

• Car drive :The journey was pleasant and as the day was warm we had to switch on the AC in the car. On the way we saw many things that were something of a revelation one that Dolly Patron was giving books to all the kids in the state of Tennesse and that Rohan got a book from her once a month that made twelve books in a year which is like awesome…. I just thought that she was a booby delight and nothing else. There was a u[pturned house and many other exhibits of Ripley’s believe it or not, there was a McDonald’s farm which was also very good, there the people can gomlike a park and play many things like mini golf go carting and other games, it is like a fair. There were he,icopter rides for a sum of 10$ each which was like good there the games were also very unique, like the bungee jumping, and hanging on a rope anf swinging like they were hangin

• Reaching Deep creek : we reached at about 6 o clock but because we are in the northern hemisphere we were in the sun and it looked to me that it was about 3 ot 4 o clock. The log house was awesome just like in the movies of Texan people, which we see only in the movies, all the house was made of wooden logs, the stairs were wooden and also there were wooden beds, you wont believe it though there were washing machines, drier, dish washer and hot and cold water and all the joys of the urban life also. We reached there and though we had bought all the things according to the days we though we needed thaigs because the milk was over. Goles was watching the dvd upstairs and so me and Atuk went to a supermarket called Ingles, I have bought a money saver card for the same to show

• Ingles with Atul :So we went there It was a little smaller that Sam’s there were number of shelves and many other types of things on the stores rich in both variety and content. I had a good window shopping spree. There were pants goods of daily use and many other things that cannot be described, we bought currant bread, milk, wine and simla mirchi and had fun in the bargain. Came back… by then twilight had fallen most of the farmers were making bales of hay and that in itself was great to watch, which is because they were doing it by machines and it was a pleasure to watch, you know what a good gadget queen I am. We came back and slept, there were DVDs of all the thin gs that Goles like to see and I am surprised to see that she is a gadget queen too as she did all the things very nicely found the right buttons for the right things to do.

May 24th 2008 :

It was surprising that I woke up early beause It was 6 whrn I woke yup, it is difficult to sleep beyond that because it loks like it is very early and so I feel rather odd sleeping when bright sunlight is steaming all around me. There was a coffee machine but I did not know how to operate it so I was left with having 5 – 6 glasses of water because all were sleeping after that I went upstairs and saw the Harry Potter Part one and it was good to see it, after that I saw that they were not awake so I woke them up forcefully ☺.

We had a breakfast of Beagles - it is a type of bread that is made by boiling the wheat in water and then toasting it, a very different kind of bread, and it had pieces of black currant sticking out so it was nice to eat also, we had that bread an eggs. It was a heavy brunch.

• Off to deep creek river : After that we sat in the car and went to see the deep creek river which was very nice to see. We sat there for a long time and also enjoyed, Rohan – they said enjoyed the water but it was cold so he did nopt enter the water as it was very cold in the water. The people there do something called tubing In this they take a tube of the tyre of a truck and they sit inside the tubing and it floats in the water because it is full of air, people were doing a lot of tubing also there were lot of caravanners, because we were staying in a posh log house, I cannot describe the feeling but let me tell you I was feeling a bit jealousd of them but then they did not haver the things like bathrooms and dish washer and wasing machines etc. etc. We sat there and anjoyed there for some time after which we went to a Texan eat out called the Bolangles

• Lunch at Bojangles : here we ate something called the biscuit , it is not the biscuit that we eat here but it is a bun that is more salty with a little more spices. The speciality of the place was chicken in biscuit which I enjoyed a lot, another funny thing here is that we may drink as much as we want to, i.e. the cold drink that we take is really unlimited we just pay for the glasses and we can drink one, two, three glasses of cold drink of what ever flavour any number of times, ( But it is not possible) I also had a salad, Goles said she was not hungry but she took two cool drinks. After that we came back Rohan went to sleep and goles retired upstairs with a dvd tublu and I went for a walk.

• Walk on the mountains – dogs people and inspector :It was nice we went up… the hill and I WILL CALL IT HEART ATTACK ALley

• Trip to downtown : Once again we went to Ingles with all the troops

• Little engine that could :This is where there is a model train whicy takes people for train rides it is a novelity here because people here are used to car and plane travel. We also saw the station which looked very much like the travel brouchere

• Dollar store : It is a store where we can buy anything for a small amount about a dollar or 2 $ or 3 $, there were many things which were cheap, Tublu told me that it was a chain of shops and that it was a multinational company which is doing very good business