Saturday, November 29, 2014

Durga Pooja In Dehradun

1st October     Durga Pooja In Dehradun

Pooja here was a mixed bag as we were not aware of the popel who stay here also we were not involved in any of the celebrations. Mainly Partha is not very interested. The bhog prashad which is a trade mark of probashi bong (NRB) festivals is absent in West Bengal. ... Here in Dehradun it is sponsored by people…

On saptami Mukherjee poribar on
Ashtami " jaggi and kumar family". 

In Indore the "chanda" collected would be used for lunches. Ranna ghor would be closed from ‘sashti’ evening to Dusshera but still standing in lines and watching the program used to be very tiring. There in Indore the sweet dish if any was sponsored and the sponsor’s name would be announced on mike system.
At Durga Badi near Doon School

2nd October
We are here at the maha ashtami pooja and as usual with the growing and hungry populace there is a huge wait list and line for every place possible. I miss my Indore so much. We don’t know anyone here.. and also feel like idiots in a huge crowd. 

This day we had com to visit  the Ram Krishna math and there is an air of serenity about the place. There monks of all shapes and sizes. Some cute ones were serving us food. There was rice, poori, two types of wet vegs and also a sweet at the end. My Mil talked to a guru who has taked Dikha. She was also pleased to meet a guru bhai, who resides now in Kolkata but had come here especially on the occasion of Durga Pooja. We then went home.

Yesterday for “maha saptami pooja” there was a  small nritya natika called  " Iti Mrinal". It was about a mejo bou who saddened about the death of her sister who died as she was married to an idiot atyachari man so she kills herself.  She told on a song.. "you may have won but you will be defeated by death who will take me from your clutches".
So Mrinal says..  I won't go to your house goli number (some bong number which I could nor catch). She becomes a sadhavi. She tells her hubby all this in a letter and we saw it as a play.  There was a dance in the song ... " mm chitte... niti nrittye.. ke je naache ...ta ta thoi thoi... tata toi thoi... I loved that specially.  Before that there was a katthak dance by a group called divine group.
At Ram Krishna Math

In the morning there was a huge war for flowers and leaves that only bongs all over the world manage to fight each year. Then we were told that there would be a long wait before lunch which is why we left the campus and went to Ram Krishna math Dehradun.

Pooja at Raipur
Let me wind up and enjoy the fight the bongs have over flowers and leaves at this time of the year. It is the time for Pushpanjali.