Friday, March 18, 2011

The walkers


There are people here in Indore who are walking all the time. Some walk in the day and some are walking in the night and there are a few who walk in the day and in the night.   There are other who, walk both the times.. along with me. We know each other.  

We know each other by the clothes that we wear.... 

Some times there are kurtis which try to enter the groove of the thighs, 

There are other times the t-shirts are repeated with greater frequency which makes one believe that the t shirts are newly bought and used by the people who wear them with anxiety about their looks.

There are racers who are competing with each other, in the races the aids used are ear phones and sometimes talking partners.

We know each other very well and often cross paths in places other than the walking tract, sometimes in the malls, sometimes in the movies and there comes in the face of the walkers a recognizer.... " yes I know her where have I seen her" but then we simply smile at each other when we recall the walking partners.

It was a few days ago I missed an old aunty who used to go for the morning walk with the aid of a stick. I missed her as she used to inspire me greatly, she walked very slowly but and it was evident that she was in pain but she walked. I missed her sorely and after a period of a week or so saw her near a medicine shop. taking the initiative I asked her - what was the matter why was she not walking these days?  She was happy that a walking partner had recognized her and told me that her son had had a motor bike accident and had injured the spine. her daughter was there with her and they were going daily to the Bombay hospital for his treatment.

Another fine day I had gone to Apollo Hospital to meet a friend for minor operation . On the way out I saw a man waving to me frantically. - he said " Are you from Shalimar". When I said "yes" uneasily, he informed me that he was a fellow walker and was going that way would we like a lift back home. My mother in law and I had a nice ride back home that time.

keep walking