Friday, February 13, 2009

the woes of a transfersble job

My husband has been recently posted in Karnal and I am also leaving trhis great school waaaaaaa!!. I have applied for jobs in DPS Karnal. It is good but will other things be good too I am a little sceptical.

I wonder why the kids who are amall like who are in class 1 or 2 are so nice and sweet. we have started a new newspaper club for all the students wherein we discuss the news atleast 5 different news items that are read by the students and we share our views about the right or wrong of the news. It isa a great exercise now the kids are readiung more and more newspaper and the newpapers in the hostels are getting misplaced. we have learnt terms like recession suicide attack which is usually featured in the newspapers. life is fine. We had a hobby class this time too in class ( I am the hobby incharge and it is s atough job doing that kind of work.), because there are many people here who are not interested in the hobbies that are alloted to them and next year we have to get together and try and find another way to make the hobby class work
Let me end.... whether anybody is reading or not I hope Tublu that you are reading this