Monday, January 20, 2014

Of in laws and outlaws

Of in laws and outlaws..........

There is no doubt that a woman who is working with two kids has need for help on managing the life of her kids..... bit one should always be careful what one wishes for ..... Whoi knows God might just say -" so be it" and grant that wish.      

That is exactly whay has happened with me I havr great chemistry with my mother in law. ... but my kids do not share the same time chemistrt... tere are fights.... fits from both sides.  When I was young I would pray for a time that my inlaws will stay with me because my parents would refuse...saying that they cannot stay in a daughter house..and in India there is no help available for working women. ..your kids are at the mercy  of horrible people especially small towns... and then I did my Msc and MPhil one after the other..... and then worked with my daughter going to the same school...

Such an ideal life for 3 years.. but they had their share of stress and strain... kids got ill sometimes threw temper tantrums.. by the time she was in her 6th class my father in law passed away and then my moyher in law came to stay with us. My son was also born. My father was suffering for dipolar disorder before he died and they would come to stay with us for short peeiod of times for his medical attention..after which he died.... amd then we were stuck to her or vice versa I do not know but we had a tough time.. because the kids were not ready to listen to their granny and the granny was also always angry with them.  Why is it that they who are bonded by blood are always at each others throats. They are good if yiu see them alone but when paired it is a terrible. Combination it is a team work two kids against the granny... and it is a rare case let me tell you because generally it is opposite it is parents paired against the team of granny and the kids.

It is basically her trying to instill good behavious in them which theu do not want to comprehend... the lifenpf the mother is at peril then....
Well life goes on enjoy the pickles with main course.

Monday, January 13, 2014

27th February 2015

It is surprising to know that in Purulia people still  need a fan because we are still having a fleece bed sheet and mink blankets. Kukku's blanket is a heavy duty mink blanket and he sleeps with banyan and shorts.

What gift for Valentine day. Will the kids like it? I want to give a gift to my kids too.... but I am afraid a ritual will start which I have to maintain for ever. Already we have a ritual of ..

1.Partha's tour. A nonveg feast day..
2. End of exams ... Pizza from Dominoes
3. Partha's long tour nonveg feast plus Dominoes
4. Study for 1 and half hour .. One hour computer time
6. Goles trip here.. A trip to char  dukan in Mussorie for breakfast.
7. Birthdays. ..
7. Anniversary....

Have u ever been to char dukan here in Mussorie? There we usually see students ( foreign) from nearby schools plus there are stray dogs which are huskies... they look hot and cute... and are super friendly.Then there are breakfast of instantly made egg in bun... waffle... pancakes ...and other Western  delights. Even Sachin ...of the cricket fame... goes there when he comes to stay over at his friends house in

Yesterday I had gone to the a school  for  interview and I am happy to say I told myself many times that I should be humble there was a electrician who became very pally with me. He gave me the following informations.

1. He is a businessman electrician because though he has a thriving business which his brother can look after he is here only because  it means a regular pay.

2. He told me the addresses of many houses he has electrified and also told me the rates 10 Rs per square feet ..which means a house covering 1500 Sq feet will be electrified in 15000 Rs. This also includes cable wires telephone wires. When I told him our house was 30 years old he told we should change the cables because now better and newer cables have come up which saved electricity and when I told him the house was in Hdwar he stopped selling himself and proceeded on friendship lines.

3. They will give him 11000 in hand and will keep 1000 as sequirity each month.

4. I asked him ways to go back because the DPS is very out of the way he said he would be happy to give me a lift ....ON HIS BIKE... I nipped his dream on the bud saying husband does not like it. But he was a simple guy and very talkative.

The interview was good.  I remembered to be humble and simple. I remembered to say " I have to change when my husband gets transferred and as a result I cannot expect a lot (salary) whatever they deem fit they can give me I joined DPS on 14000. They gave me full salary only after 1 year." He said their teachers get a lot more than 27000.

Which meant the interviewer had gone through my cv thoroughly even though he pretended to read it in front of me. I also did not know the name of Tulsi plant and did not crush him with remarks like.. "when we teach I will learn the fact". I said simply right now I can't remember but I will recall after some time. 
He was also a novice at techno savy ness. Because he typed painstakingly on his smart phone teachers when I entered.. He must have typed "questions for teachers "  because he read from it and asked me the questions.

However the question "how do you know Gunmeet Bindra" proved to be fatal. I started praising her and said she is one of the smartest woman I know also she was founder principal of DPS Jullandhar  and now she is principal of welham boys.  (He was the founder principal of DPS Doon and older than her. Also she has bigger balls than many male principals I know. ) I stopped after I saw his face he said the same thing Sach deva sir had said... "she is an  ambitious woman." Do successful women face same things in your workplace where twits think you are aggressively ambitious when they don't have 10% of your charm and charisma.

At the end he said we will call you at another time where you will be interviewed by a panel of people and subject experts. It was a good interview. In which neither of us belittled each other.

While going back I asked the sequirity guard how can I go to the city..He said many vans will come you can go in one of them in fact he went and arranged it for me. The van guy dropped me at Asley hall and talked all the way he was a young guy and did not like people overtaking him. Though he said he did not want any money I have home 100 Rs. The in Ashley Hall I took an auto after asking a police constable what are the rates. She stopped an auto and told him to take me home for 60. The auto guy asked for 80 on which she replied. " Le gaon tujhe sasural Teri auto ke saath 80 Rs mein" . He was a young guy and did not protest much. But while riding he started whining about inflation and price rise so I gave hin 80 on reaching home.

I thought of the people who had helped me without any swarth. ...
1. Electrician helped me to pass time
2. Sequirity guard
3. Van driver
4. Police constable. .

I hope and pay to God to give them a good life for being so nice for which they got nothing.

Partha had a retailers meet in Haridwar for which Tiwari had come here. It started raining the previous evening and Partha had a sleepless night as the venue for 1200 retailers was in Crystal world water park open air. But all was well. In accordance to ritual no 1 I bought chicken and a national masala from Pakistan which was enough for 1 kg Chicken curry for today morning.