Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to Amritsar

Trip to Amritsar

1. Day one
Trip started in the morning when we all started for Amritsar at 2 am, we stopped enroute for evening lunch we had already eaten a good lunch but Partha was late and so we all had cold drinks and one Parantha. The route taken was Karnal – Jullandhar – Phagwara – Amritsar.
` We reached Amritsar at about 9:00 pm we freshened up in a hotel and left to do darshan. I was glad of the meal we had taken on the way as Kuku was fed

Golden temple :- So serene calm and beautiful It had the decorations of people who had laid down lives for our nations also there were people sleeping like it was there home there were many people like me who were doing sewa. Some kept our slippers for us there were many who were giving us water to drink. The ambiance of the temple – full of people yet one was alone, there was a courtyard and the temple was in the centre of the lake. The temple was a beautiful sight to behold and many were dipping themselves in the holy water of the sarovar at 10 PM!!! Inside the temple there was a line and amazingly no one was pushing or wanting to go ahead. The interiors were also wonderful. I loved the experience. I had the feeling just like I had when we had gone to shani temple in Shirdi. I felt oneness with the Supreme Being.

After our darshan we left the temple and came out to the restaurant and had food it was about 10 AM at that time we also bought Papad and wadas ( azalea which are a must buy once you go to Amritsar.
Back to the hotel and we had eaten. There Goles got a room with MIL and we both had Kukku. The room had moon and starts on the roof.

2. Day Two

In the markets of Amritsar

Today one Mr. Maheshwari, who was formerly my husband’s colleague, joined us. Also today was Ashtami and both MIL and me were having less to eat. We had naan and curd and the kids and Partha had kulche’s to eat. We again went to the Golden temple. I am glad we did because today there was another beauty and serenity to the shrine. We also saw fishes which came up to us and nearly rubbed against our legs which were inside the sarovar.

In the narrow entry point in the Jallian wala bag where Gen D had prevented the exit of the meeting members
We had been to Jallain wala bagh which simply made my blood boil especially the letter which Gen Dyer had written after killing many people. We saw the letters written by Rabindranath Tagore denouncing his knighthood and also the photograph of the bloke who had killed Gen Dyer in England. There was the well in which about 150 people had jumped to escape the bullets. There was an obelisk about the history of the place.

A few points of the park

After which we also went to visit another temple which was beautifully done up. There we saw not only fishes but also turtles;
From there we went to visit the house of one of our colleague Mr. Sanjay Thareja. Who had been with us in Chandigarh and come to my house in Delhi.

We then went to the house of Mr. Maheshwari. We talked of the old times and then we also discussed about the new times there was delicious lunch prepared by Mrs. Maheshwari. There were puris, sabzi, pulao, dahi wade, rajma which was delicious.
At about 4:00 we left for the Waga border. The interesting thing about this was that we were in Attari so in Amritsar it was called Attari boarder but her it was called Waga boarder as it was the first Pakistan district after the boarder.
Few amazing things that I saw there
1. The BSF Jawans were about a head taller than me and I am tall.
2. The BSF lady jawans were so very beautiful and looked really cool with the guns.
3. The Pakistanis were people like us and they too liked to show off just like we did.

The boarder was charged with the spirit of nationality. Songs were going on to add more fat this spirit and make us all sizzle in it’s wake. The man – I can call him the MC (master of ceremonies) was telling us to shout louder than the Pakistanis and he did every ting to make us shout- which included jumping, dancing. Waving his hands in a very peculiar fashion. It was very nice and funny. But we had a great deal of fun. On the other side there were flags w had them too and got a chance to wave them. We had great fun there.

We finished from there at about 7:30 Pm after standing and shouting for about 4 hours we were thrilled brimming with the patriotic feeligs and more excited. That is a place to visit but please remember to take bottles of water there.
We started from Amritsar at about 9:00.and reached back in Karnal at about 2:00 AM


in th golden temple