Thursday, November 19, 2015

16 Nov 2015 Teresa house selections

To day that is Monday 16th I had to stay back Kukoo and myself. I decided that we will go to hotel call Amar Vilas and have two two Samosa each.  It is very hot....... they do not try and keep it...... they have kept the raw samosas inside the fridge and when we are asking for it.  They fry it at that instant. It is very very delicious ...especially when you get hungry. The hot Samosa are like heaven sent.


Some of the teachers whi were staying back along with me, went on a another cheapie joint to have Chow mein. So after school got over, myself and Kaku sat in the car and went to the hotel came back. There after I was very busy. u c i am in Teresa house and I have to select the girls for the sports events which are now coming up. I have to select  girls for the following events 

1.hundred metres race juniors

2. 200 metres race juniors 

3. 400 metres race juniors and of course 

4. juniors relay race  


 then there were events like 

5. shot put 

6. highjump and 

7.Discuss throw 


Also we have to select the girls for seniors hundred metres 200 metres 400 metres and relay race many girls were there and they were very happy to see me. We have got two Sports instructors. Every morning we have to practice PT it is a Korean PT middle school. Children will be holding colourful fans in their hands. The last formation is of  4 flowers so there are four colours of fans. 


Today the main topic in the staff room was how to do PT with saree. Complaining teachers. ...especially those who have to stay back....used  very colourful language. It was funny to hear. ... also from teachers instructing other teachers how to avoid work. I feel very funny because I am here as I am bored at sitting in the house.


I came back home by 5 after which took for tennis and then went to the Samsung showroom to deposit my rent agreement and then back home to collect kukku. His  racquets safety guard was lost so I had to buy that as well.


One dealer of Partha is admitted in Max Hospital as he has a small tumor on the right side of the brain it is very astonishing how the life became dicey for the family in just one evening. Sometimes I think I should pray to God only because we don't have these troubles and thank him with the bottom of the heart. The operation went well. Yesterday we had gone to see him and while talking of diseases we got your know that the item son also had the worms problem.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Seattle ....Downtown

28th May 2015- 8th July 2015

27th May 2015

In Doon Partha and Goles had many a private moments together. 
They have gone for a walk and have decided to go in the morning as well. I have always felt that my presence has stopped the father daughter synergy as Goles and me……well we are close both me and Goles share .... now that I am out of the picture I am sure their innate goodness will come to the fore and then  they will be more close than ever (I hope) that is the case. 

Mil bade me a sickly farewell today she seemed upset... hope she gets well soon. I feel bad leaving her behind alone and recovering.
No one is staring at me
We slept most of the way and stopped at Cheetal Grande. Where we had a plate of pakodas and  tea. Kukku had a cold drink. We had a good time. I am wearing me new jeans and am feeling grand as no one is staring at me needlessly.

At the Airport the label said do not touch..... so naturally Kukku had to .......

 Also there was a meal at the Dubai Airport which i requested Kukku not to eat as we would be boarding the flight in 15 more minutes....but he just had to...

the grandest thing was to see Greenland near to the North Pole at 12 midnight
Lazy Days... Pro Sports is GRAND
I am now sitting in the pro sports club Basket ball  Arena where I am typing this mail. There are 8 courts here and it is amazing.  Generally Kukku and me try to play one vs one in basketball. I don't want to boast when I say I m good really good. . Only my fat and decreased stamina prevent me from beating Kukku high and dry. The skills I have are amazing I have even taken many shots from the 3 point circle and it is amazing what I can do. Generally after dropping Rohan for his FLB Atul drops us in the club and Tublu picks us up at 5 30 in the evening
Kukku has become a fan of Tublu as is is not surprising. ....She cooks the amazing pizza ... and gives him what he wants to eat. Kukku is asking me to be more like Tublu..... "dekho se Rohan ke koto aador kore. .. tum keno kore na..." of course she can't play b ball with him. I am skilled in many things. .... The same can't be said about Tublu who has trouble even catching a ball. Rohan sadly takes after her.... but we do have a lot of fun with our catch and catch games. 

5th June
There are so many nice things here which one should I write about. Let me tell you about the park called Idylwood Park.
It is a beautiful park which is near a lake called Shamamish Park. There are some wild animals .... Ducks.... Rabbits... squirrels which are as big as the rabbits... they are awfully tame and once you start feeding them they come to you in hordes they also look behind you to see if there are more in the bags behind you.  They are really sweet.

We feed the ducks shamelessly but one of Tublu's Co parents ( whose son Leopold goes to the same social class  like Rohan) called Inga said that one day when she was swimming she waded out of the water with Duck guano all over her hair. She may be wrong because there are Gulls and swans here too and she does not look like a guano specialist. But Tublu is really against feeding the poor ducks who come hopefully towards us.

Day before yesterday Atul taught us a new game with 4 ball red and blue.. And beat us fair and square of course as the game needed skills as in golf. We also play catch and catch. …also Atul and Kukku catch fish and throw them back in the water.
We tell the ducks frankly that it is because of Tublu that they are hungry today. They seem to understand and walk away showing their waddling backs at Tublu specifically. 
 One more thing there is a road we have to cross the road we have to press a button...before we cross the road and all the vehicles stop. It is amazing because all the vehicles are coming at a speed of about 70 miles approx 110 km and stop at once. .. it is a magic button. 

 There is a beautiful bench and table set where  I sit and read books that I have got from the library and I am so close to the lake that if a water skier or motor boat comes my way the water splashes on my feet. A Russian fisherman also shares the same spot with me... I reached there a few minutes late and he will be there already. ... ...  we both want the bench …but you see it is a public park so we can't claim dibs on that particular spot. I want it for the peace and tranquility it offers and he wants it as it is a good space to fish... however we can't publicly ask each other to move away but I am trying to scare away the fish and he is trying to make conversation silly details about fishing which I am not so keen to hear.
When Tublu comes back from office we go to the park at about 8 30 when it is still sunny and 50 push from the swing then ring a ring a roses then home dinner and the sleep. I watch Dexter and Tublu plays office office

15th June Seattle Downtown

On Saturday  we have decided to go do Seattle downtown.  It was fun. Atul dropped is there. The weather was nice and sunny. We had a lot of places we wanted to go to. There was a pop art museum. The PIKE market the space needle and the duck rides.
We could manage only two..
. The Duck ride

2.The space needle

3. Lunch at McDonald's

We reached there by 3:00 as we went to a mall Atul decided that he would rather have a peaceful day at his house . We did miss him but it is pain to be with Tublu alone as when they ale together as I do not want to be" kebab Mein Haddi" So I was pleased to have my sister all to myself for the day. Of course I had to compete with Kukku and Rohan . We first stood in line to get the ticket for Duck RIDE and then went to  space needle to get ticket for the ride up .It was for 9:30 PM, the duck ride was from 6:45 PM to 8:00PM.
We also met a girl who was form LSR and was here with her BF (a blonde) from another state university. We were in the same lines to get the tickets.

Rohan and Kukku played on the swings

The lunch at McDonald’s was a good. Though we had carried a bag from home but when we got to the car.
In the process of getting things from Costco we emptied the car and had no bag however we had a few goods from Costco (like more mega mall) cokes cans and wriggly chewing gum.
1. THE DUCK RIDE. It is an amphibious vehicle, which rides on roads and then gets converted to boat on the lake (Lake Union). We were in time for the duck ride. It was one of the best things I got to do this holiday. It was a conducted tour...there was a funny Captain Duck who told us of all the land marks.

a. There is a tunnel digger called Bertha who was spoiled and had gone for repairs. It is to be a tunnel under the Lake Union.

b. We also saw the pioneer market. . The 1st market in Seattle.
c. The 1st Starbucks also opened here. He made us say "Ka jing" whenever we crossed a Starbucks.  Rohan shouted star bucks.   
Capt Duck made us dance with hands on Disco music.... and whoop when we crossed other bystanders. Here are a few funny caps he wore on the wassap pictures. 

He also showed us pictures where the movie called “lonely in Seattle” was shot. We also saw a water plane take off and land.

that is me and Rohan beneath the Space needle in the park..... WOW
2. Space Needle :-The ride lasted about 1 hour after which we hurried to the space needle that was fun too we stood on a line there were three generation women in front of us. Kukku was told off for trying to push the lady of the younger generation and Rohan actually pushed her hard when she was moving slowly. It was so funny. He also took a wine glass and poured sprite for himself when we were not looking. Really that boy is sooooo funny. SPACE NEEDLE is a tall building and we go up on a lift. When we reached on the top there is a circle we just walk and see all parts of Seattle from a far off far as space hence the name Space needle.

Atul reached there to pick us up at about 10 and we had some time in the park when we enjoyed the swings and tall slides.  We reached home and had  grand dinner.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A day of cribs ( 29th , November 2014)

1st there was gym

Then  Kukku was home  it was only 1.00pm. Automan Ajay told me that I have to get Kukku back from school till the annual function. This was very bad. Very bad automan. Daily till Dalan wala and back after gym. Very very bad automan .

Had bath. I could hear silly fights from the bath. Mil is whining about naughty kukku. Naughty kukku and bad mil. Very naughty and very very bad.

After bath went to the roof for sunning my wet hair . T hank God for good sun. Picked up and folded the clothes. They were still fighting.

Then had lunch of palak pane er,  chole and fish. It was bad fish. I could not eat whole so threw it away.

Partha called me wanted me to go to bank because naughty goles. GOLES finishes all money by the end of each month.
Very bad Goles .

I switched on navigator on phone because can't find my way there it took me to another ICICI Bank.  Bad phone. VERY BAD NAVIGATOR.

Then I called Partha who laughed at my traffic sense and told me the way. Naughty partga.

I also went to Bhusawal mesho's house to   enquire about medicine. He was not happy to see me because he does not like Sonju shouting at him. (Will explain later am having fun with all the bads).
Naughty Mesho.

Then went to bank and did the jobs now Goles will get 6000 on the 1st and 2000 for Fd will go on the 26th so money will be safe.

Came  home.  On the way bought gloves for Kukku. He was very naughty   in shop and was asking for leather gloves. Bad Kukku.

Then bought green tea. And 2 wollen socks for me. Woollen socks keep me warm. Brown   ones look like feet from far away.

Bought milk and curd. On the way saw a house where there was welding machine works going on asked him to wait and told Partha to hurry because I can't carry a big trunk there. Partha said it will be very late. Naughty partha... very naughty.

Came home and made tea and milk. Milk man's mother died so have to buy milk from the market till Tuesday . Kukku spilled the curd outside car. Very very naughty kukku.

Kukku  came home and opened the packet of bread very bad. Now  all the bread is open. Insects walk on open bread. Cockroaches eat open bread. We have to eat bread. Naughty and bad Kukku. We ate our tea and milk in silence. Mil wanted mudi. When I give mudi she wants chide . When I give her chide she wants biscuits. When I give her biscuits she wants mudi. Always complaining. Always always.... bad mil very very bad.

Then put soya chunks in a saucepan and started watching TV.  All are burnt and stuck to the saucepan. Bad me very very bad and careless. Very very careless.

Partha said he will get dinner from outside. But I said no I will cook. Hone cooked food has less calories and easy to digest. Outside food is rich and savoury. Partha was sad but no outside food.

After dinner Kukku slept . Partha and me went for a walk. Partha does on want to walk. He wants to sleep.

But I want walk so we go. We walk for 3 km. My cardio widget app is very good. Good App. Our speed is 11.50 min per km. It is good

11th December 2015

Happy birthday to you mummy. We are celebrating it too because today Gupta aunty is coming hopme and so is Venu. He has to go to the college i.e. UPS petroleum where he will collect his original certificates and he is very pleased about the same. I am pleased as well because I will also go there with him and have a great fun time driving through the beautiful scenic way. Gupta Aunty also wanted to come so she will be coming here today in the evening.

I got a notification from Flipkart that Vinni didi is sending me a popper... basically a pop corn maker which will come from there. for my anniversary.

There is another trip in the offing where in we (Avneesh and me) will go to Chandigarh on saturday i.e. the 13th and attend Mr. Devinder Singh farewell.  He has been the regional head in the Punjab area for a long time and his wife works in the Punjab and sind bank. We will go on saturday and after attending the farewell come back with Partha one day later i.e. Sunday.

well let me end Mil has gone to the hospital with Partha and so I am waiting for them to come back so that I can go Gymmng.

Anniversary 2015

The anniversary was very nice day and I thanked God for sending this great day my way. I share this  day with another colleague who has celebrated her 20th anniversary this year. Her son is in 12th and is a great swimmer.  He was also my student. They have taken a happy family picture with a small baby it is so funny all are laughing because of the small baby I will send you the picture.

On 6th evening we were on our walk as usual and as I was bored of the   same route daily

I told Partha that I wanted to take the FRI path but

Partha  reminded me of the leopard attacks on doonites.

I (the optimist) told him that   with our  combined weights we will be heavier than the poor carnivore and easily supress it.

Partha (the pessimist) replied that we will probably go to jail for harming a poor animal who is endangered.

I pointed out that it might be a good thing because....
We will spend some quality time with each other. With no cell phone.

P ... probably there are different jails for men and women remember we will be there for repenting.

S. .. In that case you might be in the same cell as Sallu who will be there for poaching charges.

Partha's cautious nature won and we took the same route BUT... I had told him to go in increased speed. So we burnt 314 calories at a speed of 11.43 min per km. Which was a new record for us.  Thanks to my gymming... The days puffing and panting in  Landore walks are over. Now Partha  huffs and puffs and tells me to slow down. I am more cruel than Partha because he was supportive and stopped many a time to make me catch up. I just laugh scornfully . No wonder God has not made me slim. With my beauty I would  be too vain.

In the afternoon we had Tahiri for lunch....but I had told all to eat cautiously as we had planned on a Muse dinner. It is a good restaurant here. Part of hotel Inderlok.. and their restaurant  MUSE of Inderlok   is good . Not a patch on Sayaji but ok. Their non veg section is good. Also mil loves chicken and mutton and fish. So she said she will treat us there. But when it was evening she was cold and she had a new dress which is a churidaar  an woollen kameez from Amartex .... It looks good but if you have slightly plump legs and mil has skinny legs plus plump body... when she bought it for herself I was skeptical but she insisted they were fashionable and in vogue.

But after wearing it she felt bad and after that she said we should go and that she is feeling too cold. She just made it  up as her fashn statement came to a naught. So we went.

I went to Tanishq   and bought the earrings. I liked many of them  but bought only one.

Deepa has made a scheme. She saves 5000 from salary   each month to Tanishq . . And after competing of 11 months tanishq pays the last installment . She has one daughter only so she is collecting   jewellery   for her wedding. Already she has collected 4 bangles, one earring and necklace set.last year she told me of it and said the collection are good and husband paid for the bangles along with her. ISHA her only  daughter is in 11th only.  Deepa plans to buy her a kamarband this year so she is depositing 10000 each month. She says the one she likes is about 3.5 . Poor Praveen her hubby  will  have to pay this year as well. But it is a smart thing she does because each year for the past 6 years she is buying jewellery. And she says shadi ke liye abhi bhi taiyari nahi hui hai.

Well job  to mile phir main bhi shuru karoon.

We went to Allen Solley showroom and kukku and Partha bought jackets for themselves. PARTHA got ABG discount of 1500 still had to pay 8000 for the  jackets .

Then Kukku wanted to eat burgers and we went to McDonald's  and bought dinner for 350 bucks only.

Kukku had a meal I had a soft serve and egg burger. Partha had a veg burger. And Kukku had a full meal.

Mummy who was expecting food from Muse would be disappointed   with Kolkata kitchen rolls. Still ... we went there it was closed so we went to another expensive joint and bought food worth 2 people there was Sikh kebab and kathi rolls and tandoori fish.

Still I told Partha to be ready for critical  feedback. And we got just that.  The roti were like rubber. The fish was semi cooked and there was no chicken in the Kathi   rolls.

Well life is like that.  However the day of surprises was not over Partha had bought chocolates which I could ill afford to eat. Still I had 3 blocks. It is caramel Dairy milk silk and was super yummy but very sweet. When you stop eating refined sugar all sweets appear toooo sweet.

Kukku had made a card.

22 nd November 2015

We are in test mode now. KUKKU had his FA 3 examinations.  If you want to know what it means. .. It is Formative assessment. We are still in test mode.  Kapil Sibal has tried do hard to change the mind set of the parents but still we are the children for the marks that they give us. It is sad. But the US system he argues is better but they do not put stress on the kids to study which makes them less.

Shekhar Bhaiya says that the kids can't come to India any more because they cannot cope with the amount of studies that kids here have to do. What are the stress levels that kids  face out of India? ?. I feel that Rohan has one on one tutors and as a result must be less stressed than the average American child.

Our clock is ticking according to the tests that Kukku has to take. Here we study in the balcony and the road a front of us is so less crowded that rivers of peace flow all the time. Except for a dog barking or a veg wala calling we are free from traffic stress.

So much so that when mil comes kukku goes to the roof to study as she is a very big disturbing element.
We finally bought him a fibre quilt.. and very costly too 4280.

We also bought two suits for mil from Amartex. She bought a woollen kurti and insisted on a churidaar (ready made) with it (it is black   woollen lower).It will look silly but then you have one life and should enjoy it by looking silly once in a while.  Mummy when you one here I will also buy you gloves from Mussorie.  If I go there  before I come to purulia I will get it from here.

Kukku ' s blanket is very nice. It looks great as it is so soft. I have put a fleece blanket as a bed sheet and it was so warm last night that we could not sleep..

Partha is running around for the passport for his travel to Hong Kong and Macaw. I will go once kukku grows up and can can be less of a pest to his mil which is only when he will be in college. His trip to ITC cost us dearly 27000. And there is Goles fees to think of too.

I am missing baba Badrinath. But we plan to take the trip in April.

So many dreams and so many things in my bucket list. .. I wish I have time to fulfill all wishes.

18 th Nov 2015

In this gym I am doing the same shit for the past few months. I reach here at 11 am
1. Cross trainer for 30 min
2. Treadmill 15 min
3. Step up 30 X 3
4.  The things that Poonam taught me in Gold gym ( abs/squats/ legs)

Also that is the time for the instructors to do their workout. I have asked nicely for a schedule any times but always Gagan says madam " Ek din bas 9 baje a a jao. "

Here in doon also there are great bodies. One is like the man in capt America. I very skinny boy comes but when he opens his jacket his mean muscles sight. I mean when you have hot bodies to work on no one wants to work on aunties.  They show results much faster plus you can make them sweat more and they don't complain.

I don't want him to stand and count like a personal trainer but I just need a schedule. .. what to do on


cardiovascular 30 min                        squats 2 X 15
bicep curls 2 X 15
Then Tuesday.

Today the owner was here and I asked her what I have to do to get a schedule.  She said (shocked) "kya abhi tak nahi mila". Then the trainers had it. A few days back the manager had gone  for physical and was absent there was no one here at 11 for 2 days.

I reached to find a closed gym and after the 2nd day was very angry because when I was on the way I saw Gaganjit going back home and shouted his name out in the road after stopping the car. He pretended that he does not know me. Also I  had called him he did not call me back.I was very pissed.  After that I have barely been making eye contact with him.

After shouting at the manager she made Kavi write up a schedule for 3 days for me and told me to do different things. Not only cross trainer or treadmill. If there is any problem. . She asked me to contact Anurag she gave the ph number.

Thereafter I followed the schedule by Kavi. And saw a fuming Gagan put up  a good show and train others who were there along with me.

Well before leaving I said bye to Gagan who said "madam maine bola tha... main karaonga aapko bolne ki kya zaroorat thi."

  I told him "I wanted schedule aur kissi ko kuch karana nahi hai.. ghee nikalna tha seedhi ungli se nahi nikla to teda karna pada."

Then he asked to see my schedule and I showed it to him.

He said kal 5 min karke aana main aapko bataunga. Like the shit I will... anyway I left.

In Mussorie I bought great mittens for Mil and Goles. They were having fingers till the 2nd digit and after that the fingers were free to write. But there is a cap (you can call it a finger cap) which covers the entire fingers when you are not using them. It cost 350 bucks. And they also have a lining inside.

We were supposed to go to Badrinath on the 21-24. And in the Gym I was asking Lord Narayan. I talk to various Gods many times in a day. I said "God you have given me everything that a person can desire I will ask for one thing that is very important for me. You must make me 80 kgs."

Today I hear that snow has fallen and the roads are closed on 19th and not on the 27th as scheduled. What do you mean God......?????