Saturday, September 12, 2009

G. H. P. S fun or no fun

the new school I have here s very traumatic, first I fall in love with the lids of my class and then they treated me shockingly, One of the kids has also been suspended,... today he came to class as he said sorry to me repeatedly and then he came back to class>I love that Idiot he is in class ten and thinks it is cool to have standing hair, last time the principal told him to comb his hair and he refused... he was suspended again.

hope I will be right .. my principl is hppy with the prsentations that I am making,.... I wanted to resign and he refused

Life is like that

Monday, June 22, 2009


How I discovered I

In the training program that we were sent to called the idiscoveri, was the beginning of my innings in VDJS. The joy that we felt and encountered in the quest of being a better teacher was after all possible when one knew one self, isn’t it the eternal quest why sages have traveled to mountains to find out the why - s of life?

So did we - a group of 25 teachers were on a training session with idiscoveri.

The journey started in the 12th of July, we started for Aut a picturesque village which housed the idiscoveri campsite.

We started in the afternoon from Hisar and had an overnight stay at the PPS Nabha Punjab. It is also an IPSE school.

On 13th morning we started from Nabha after seeing their horses wonderful creatures one of them an Arabian stallion called Sultan was a heart stealer

The next day 13th July was the first day in the camp. We were greeted by Rachna who was the coordinator. There were also two seasoned mountain climbers called Tara and Bhubaneshwari, there was Ayesha the artist and Raj, this team of 5 were the coordinators of this training session. The dinner was great it had both vegetarian and non veg fare

Day 1:

The name game

We were called to introduce ourselvrs in such a way that it is difficult to forget the names of all the participants

We were made to stand in a circle and then say our name prefixing it with a adverb that suits us the most so is started

1st person - Real rachna

2nd person – real Rachna victory Vivek

3rd person – Real Rachna victory Vivek satisfied Santosh

the last person had to remember a lot of names

The blind rope :

We were divided in teams of 10 and were asked to make a perfect square out of a piece of rope and that too blind folded !!!

In 10 minutes !!!

There were fights anger squabbles, there were self proclaimed leaders . Any way after analysis we got to know a lot about ourselves, why we shouted , why we didn’t?? The other team won. There were many leaders in our team

The jigsaw puzzle

We were given a puzzle to solve, we did it first


At the end of the week, we were to submit a project and so the teams were divided


Free time to discuss the game plan till tea,

Then we discussed about the village we were to go to .


Friday, June 19, 2009


THESE are the pictures of a new fish tank we bought
there are two gold fish called goldy moldy
there are two mollies called - molly dolly

sadly a few days ago dolly died (was it because I added the well water which was cold after I changed the water. )

for the aquariun I needed
1. glass tank
2. antiboitic which was to be added
3. water purifier
4. pebbles, plastic plants
5. IMPORTANT Aerater which also has a crocodile toy which opens and shuts the mouth

Thursday, May 14, 2009

new movie

There is some kind of strike going on in this city which is why there is no Hindi movie to be shown in the mall, as a result we all went to see the Indiana Jones movie ( crystal skull) and it was a good one, considering we were the only ones in the hall and reentered only after we saw a couple entering to see the movie, after which went to Bangla sweet house and bought Kulcha from there and had lunch of the same, Goles has not completed her homework and tomorrow the cooler people will come home to fix the coolers, with that the saga of the day is over, we may go to Atal Park after which we will have dinner of chicken and chappati. Well let me end .

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Lottery

Today I read a very disturbing article about the conscience this had a story called " The Lottery " . In this was a village scene in which all the people of the village came to the lottery there was a 77 year old man who had never missed the lottery, it was a group of normal and cheerful people who had come for the lottery .The names of all the people of the village were put in by the heads of the family and then the lottery was drawn, but when it was drawn the person who got the lottery was very terrified and told the drawer to try again, but all the other people of the village wanted blood, the lottery was for stoning the person to DEATH, the author of the story told in the end of the story, that all wanted to get it over and done with so that they all can go back home for lunch, it was shocking but as I went on reading there are many instances in our normal life that also make us do these things - maybe not as hineous.... but nonwe the less bad, what about dowry deaths.... what about sati.... what about ragging..

that is food for though... please pen yuor views

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a few days of holidays

A few days back Goles downloaded a lovely animated cursor and it looks good but I still have to get used to it.

The kids had holidays for a few days and as a result we had a weekend of four days sat, sun, mon, tue

We had gone to Hdwar for the same number of days and had fun there. We reached on Friday there the house was naturally entered after about 6 month after dinner in “Le Grand” (don’t get taken by the name the food there sucks) I got down to cleaning the house which was effectively done in the next few days but the things were ready.
The next morning we were busy with further cleaning, that day we had also gone to a fun park called “ the crystal park and had fun there too we spend the entire afternoon there, then later to the house of Gupta aunty. The funny part was that Partha, Goles and me had to spent 200 bucks per ticket, but Mummy and Kukku had children’s ticket costing 150 bucks!!!!, there is a lovely aqua park there but sadly both the kids were having cold we will go there in the month of May.

On Sunday we went for visit to all the houses which was good we got to see our neighbor’s son in law who is very handsome and lucky to have a girl like Meetu for a wife, Dantre uncle had also bought a new car the I10 but I naturally prefer out swift and more than that my cute Marti 800.

On Monday, we had fast “Neel Shashti” and later in the evening we had gone to Richa’s house.

On Tuesday started for home and came back there by 10:15 in the morning

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Face book ing old fiends

This is a new stage in my life, I have just got to know the wonderful world of my old friends, I have got to talk to

1. Vinay

2. Sanjay Paniker

3. Ramki

4. Upinder

We are starting a new initiative in our school and all the classes will get n wekk of out door classroom teaching and that is very inpressive, wow. I am really sad at leaving the school when it is so cool and happening. In this school there are gooselings, tadpoles and life is so good for the kids here really having fun

well byw 24/3/09

Friday, February 13, 2009

the woes of a transfersble job

My husband has been recently posted in Karnal and I am also leaving trhis great school waaaaaaa!!. I have applied for jobs in DPS Karnal. It is good but will other things be good too I am a little sceptical.

I wonder why the kids who are amall like who are in class 1 or 2 are so nice and sweet. we have started a new newspaper club for all the students wherein we discuss the news atleast 5 different news items that are read by the students and we share our views about the right or wrong of the news. It isa a great exercise now the kids are readiung more and more newspaper and the newpapers in the hostels are getting misplaced. we have learnt terms like recession suicide attack which is usually featured in the newspapers. life is fine. We had a hobby class this time too in class ( I am the hobby incharge and it is s atough job doing that kind of work.), because there are many people here who are not interested in the hobbies that are alloted to them and next year we have to get together and try and find another way to make the hobby class work
Let me end.... whether anybody is reading or not I hope Tublu that you are reading this