Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life of a teacher 30/07/13

Grrrrrrrrr. I see red e everywhere and the resonance tonnes and tonnes of correction work and still those copies remain to fill.with red colour.

Kids have done badly and who is to be blamed . . The teacher
Well the battle is still  on. Woke up at four to complete the backlog and Stillll . . .

Science Balya vigyan is  knocking on the door and that has to be supervised as well. There is the spl   assembly of janamashtami coming up and we have to prepare for that as well.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of students...... And more fun

A few daus back our schoo l celebrated tenth birthday.....Naturally all of the school rejoiced.

There was a special assembly wherein a few older tea hers were never called on stage and were asked to recall special moments. There were a plethora of activities

An ibus  drive for class eighth . Indore has a new toy in town called tge bus which covers the AB road and this was travelled by tge students of classes eighth.

There were a special nukkad  natak in which I had helped write upthe script. It was about tge effects of the pollution caused due to vehicles . . And tge reasons why Indore should adopt the I bus.

Being the Go green club in charge we planted a few saplings. . It was a pleasant experience. There were a variety of kids. . Right from pre nursery to class X th
There were twelve saplings altogether. We have planted them where the students were complaining of tge excessive heat of.the sun during the summer months. The event was enjoyed by many students of primary and primary wing.. All in all it was a joyous occasion.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The smart educators .

There is often a wonderment  about how smart I am as a teacher. . In fact I am full of praise of all the teaching fraternity . .

Usually each year is a new and fresh year and we are asked to think of new things which we can put up on the board....

.for instance there is a birthday chart in each year and each class and each year it is different chart

Two years back there was a duck (me) and my birthday was written in it .... Surrounding me were twelve eggs each for the month of the year Jan. Feb, march and so on and the date and the and the names of the students were on each of the eggs...with their   birthdays.

Last year there was a clown who was holding a bunch of twelve balloons and each one for the month of the year. On the clown was my birthday.....creativity had taken its toll.

This year there are twenty stars and in the center a superstar..... Guess who that one is for.

Then there are charts for the teachers who  teach in the classes. . Each year I call it a different name but this year i have called it Gurukool.

Pretty cool.I think. . .

There is.always a game I play on the first day of the session I call it the name game . The  students are to use an adjective to describe them for e.g. I call myself simple  Shovona other students follow by their own names and adjectives that Will describe them the best.. . That is always one of the charts of the class room. . And that Will always be a special one in the  class.

There are other charts like the welcome to the class chart. Well aren't you just amazed at the great teachers !!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


19 june 2013

The gold gym of Indore is the crowning glory of the city I feel.... 

about six months back I had gone there to register for the totall clinic of weight loss as my daughter’s was diagnosed with clot in her brain and the doc had asked us to loose weight at the earliest.... there was totall

With physiotherapy
With diet consultation.. 

There was a lady who used to plan our daily diet daily!!!!  And we did follow it faithfully all the time.. And the results were great we both lost about 7 kg together -  mother daughter combined. But now that has gone and instead they have come up with a gym called Gold Gym!!!!

Ever since it had come up I had wanted to go there and join the gold gym you see I had gone there once and seen the great set up, the music was good and there were beautiful machines.. mow the ones in my gym gave me knee joint pans after I walked on it for about 10 min .... but here I can jog and run on it because it is oiled and there are wonderful shock absorbers which jump when I do so

It was love at first sight but then there were finances to consider.....daughter son.... school... and I kept on pestering when ever I could
..... I want gold gym
...... I want gold gym

Finally when one of his friends told him and convinced him he got registered himself@#$$%%^&

well this birthday after gift from my parents I shelled in the rest of the money and now I finally have gold gym.

A beautiful, fit  and  hot Shovona...... here I come.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teenager's moms

yesterday I was the horrible and out dated mom because
 I was insensitive
horrible only shouting
and cant cook as do other moms.... the list was endless and that too after coming back from the gym after my hamstrings has taken the beating..... :-(

but I persisted and sat with her for some time and after the tantrum was over we slept together ...

Next day it was like a rainbow after a storm... a sunny day and a cheeerful day.

well the reason.....  finally we had the time to buy something for her, a mobile of her choice and we did go there to the shops to do the same.

there was a great traffic jam and asusual as on sundays the traffic police were towing away the cars from front of the mall ..... mil was with us so we got off at the shops and daddy dearest rode on the roads in the jam and we [son - 10, daughter - 15 mil - 65 ( not interested) and me]selected the phone.....

thanks to the other phones we were able to communicate and finally she got one of her choice, a videocon. 5300.... It was a beautiful mobile

well as long as she is happy

To javahone or to androidphone

partha was right I cant compare him to a phone he has the capacity to change with time....

 I have got a "dabba" mobile because when I do the things a smart phone is to do I am helpless..... there are times when I felt that I love my phone more than anything else in the world but that stands no longer true.
for instance I cant scroll down while marking attendance... one teacher told me that it was mandatory that we get a using period of phones then we should choose the phone that we need to buy. 
as advised I tried to type a few words on my blog spot but it was futile.... and I could not.... we bought a new phone for goles  Dont be surprised if we come riding on it one day to your house. we are still in the process of discovering it's apps It can do amazing things and costs only half as much. remember the jvc washing machine that you had in eb 156......

By the way did you read the comment that i wrote to r..... she has not changed one bit.....she has posted a picture of a dragon which her friend has bought called shu shu.  I told her to remember her roots and think of the shu shu in Hindi
he he he

she has clarified it today he he he he he 
well dragon or no dragon we had a good laugh

today i took a chutti from the gym. P D is spared of torturing me there are painful rashes in my thighs( - one of the thing you cant tell a male pt). . . due to excessive sweating i could feel them sliding over each other joyfully all day in school today......and finally rashes. all I can say at this point is dont be rash...... EVER!!!!