Monday, June 22, 2009


How I discovered I

In the training program that we were sent to called the idiscoveri, was the beginning of my innings in VDJS. The joy that we felt and encountered in the quest of being a better teacher was after all possible when one knew one self, isn’t it the eternal quest why sages have traveled to mountains to find out the why - s of life?

So did we - a group of 25 teachers were on a training session with idiscoveri.

The journey started in the 12th of July, we started for Aut a picturesque village which housed the idiscoveri campsite.

We started in the afternoon from Hisar and had an overnight stay at the PPS Nabha Punjab. It is also an IPSE school.

On 13th morning we started from Nabha after seeing their horses wonderful creatures one of them an Arabian stallion called Sultan was a heart stealer

The next day 13th July was the first day in the camp. We were greeted by Rachna who was the coordinator. There were also two seasoned mountain climbers called Tara and Bhubaneshwari, there was Ayesha the artist and Raj, this team of 5 were the coordinators of this training session. The dinner was great it had both vegetarian and non veg fare

Day 1:

The name game

We were called to introduce ourselvrs in such a way that it is difficult to forget the names of all the participants

We were made to stand in a circle and then say our name prefixing it with a adverb that suits us the most so is started

1st person - Real rachna

2nd person – real Rachna victory Vivek

3rd person – Real Rachna victory Vivek satisfied Santosh

the last person had to remember a lot of names

The blind rope :

We were divided in teams of 10 and were asked to make a perfect square out of a piece of rope and that too blind folded !!!

In 10 minutes !!!

There were fights anger squabbles, there were self proclaimed leaders . Any way after analysis we got to know a lot about ourselves, why we shouted , why we didn’t?? The other team won. There were many leaders in our team

The jigsaw puzzle

We were given a puzzle to solve, we did it first


At the end of the week, we were to submit a project and so the teams were divided


Free time to discuss the game plan till tea,

Then we discussed about the village we were to go to .


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