Sunday, March 9, 2014

The greatest Adventure called life

Students giving presentation for formative assessment
please note the boy in middle prompting

this picture of the Go Green club was in the News papers 
next  day well fame and fortune  here I come
With the lovlies og my class 2013 8B in a group called " the best class ever

The great adventure called Life 

I would like to echo the  words of a song in the movie Mausam...." dil dhoondta hai phir wohi phursat ke raat din".  Recently because of studies of my kids the  books, that we have enjoyed at leisure are all in the trunk...and because we are shifting the stuff here and there... I came across the Enid Blyton books the "five find outers and the dog."

Boy did I have a ball reading them again....

then there are other things in life like sitting in the sun eating peanuts and finally when all was done searching for any stray peanuts that might have been left in the shells with my sister and mother. I thank God for making my life so eventful and powerful, I cant say that you did not give me this or that because all in all God has given me all things that a person may crave for....

What nice things I have done in life. My graduation... in a hostel YWCA where i have enjoyed an all nighter studying the courses of my BSC, 

M. Sc in Chidambaram where I left my 10 month old daughter with my parents for the first year

my Mphil for which I did daily commuting from Mathura to Agra and in the course of journey experienced so many thrills..... I once sat on the steps of the train and reached my destination... MST compartment where in I have sang songs with the fellow MST travelers....

My journey to states, was so eventful largely due to the planning done by my sister and Brother in law

The coca cola factory in Atlanta with my sister
... that each day was a joy in itself

the train that could with the girl who can in USA

My new year happening events is DSOI, 

In Surankot a lesser known place in Kashmir unaccessible place for normal people now but then was fun and joy for us.

 kukku's illness., 

My training by idiscoveri, 

My stint at vdjs and dps, 

Bapi's illness, 

My wedding......

I  want to thank God for making my life so happening and eventful. Each and every year, and day, there are so many events that have made me richer by the second. 

If they were punishing they have made me stronger......

if pleasant they have been enriching. 

With each day and moment I feel I become better and better.

How ever the thirst for adventure does not die it emerges more strong and powerful with each new adventure. ... 

Am I greedy to ask for more???

 I think not. I did not wet my feet on the banks of the sea shore but went deep in  the ocean to enjoy things which others were not privileged to enjoy.  It is not wrong for me to search for the pearl....... is it??

On that philosophical note let me end.

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Floortime Lite Mama said...

Excellent post and philosophy.
I was just thinking that maybe someday I will look back in this busy stressful year and think of it as a really happy one. R's Crohnn's frightens me