Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of students...... And more fun

A few daus back our schoo l celebrated tenth birthday.....Naturally all of the school rejoiced.

There was a special assembly wherein a few older tea hers were never called on stage and were asked to recall special moments. There were a plethora of activities

An ibus  drive for class eighth . Indore has a new toy in town called tge bus which covers the AB road and this was travelled by tge students of classes eighth.

There were a special nukkad  natak in which I had helped write upthe script. It was about tge effects of the pollution caused due to vehicles . . And tge reasons why Indore should adopt the I bus.

Being the Go green club in charge we planted a few saplings. . It was a pleasant experience. There were a variety of kids. . Right from pre nursery to class X th
There were twelve saplings altogether. We have planted them where the students were complaining of tge excessive heat of.the sun during the summer months. The event was enjoyed by many students of primary and primary wing.. All in all it was a joyous occasion.

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