Thursday, June 20, 2013

The smart educators .

There is often a wonderment  about how smart I am as a teacher. . In fact I am full of praise of all the teaching fraternity . .

Usually each year is a new and fresh year and we are asked to think of new things which we can put up on the board....

.for instance there is a birthday chart in each year and each class and each year it is different chart

Two years back there was a duck (me) and my birthday was written in it .... Surrounding me were twelve eggs each for the month of the year Jan. Feb, march and so on and the date and the and the names of the students were on each of the eggs...with their   birthdays.

Last year there was a clown who was holding a bunch of twelve balloons and each one for the month of the year. On the clown was my birthday.....creativity had taken its toll.

This year there are twenty stars and in the center a superstar..... Guess who that one is for.

Then there are charts for the teachers who  teach in the classes. . Each year I call it a different name but this year i have called it Gurukool.

Pretty cool.I think. . .

There is.always a game I play on the first day of the session I call it the name game . The  students are to use an adjective to describe them for e.g. I call myself simple  Shovona other students follow by their own names and adjectives that Will describe them the best.. . That is always one of the charts of the class room. . And that Will always be a special one in the  class.

There are other charts like the welcome to the class chart. Well aren't you just amazed at the great teachers !!!!


Floortime Lite Mama said...

deeds you are such a wonderful teacher your kids are really lucky to have you

Shovona said...

thanks floortime lite mama for your encouragements