Thursday, November 19, 2015

16 Nov 2015 Teresa house selections

To day that is Monday 16th I had to stay back Kukoo and myself. I decided that we will go to hotel call Amar Vilas and have two two Samosa each.  It is very hot....... they do not try and keep it...... they have kept the raw samosas inside the fridge and when we are asking for it.  They fry it at that instant. It is very very delicious ...especially when you get hungry. The hot Samosa are like heaven sent.


Some of the teachers whi were staying back along with me, went on a another cheapie joint to have Chow mein. So after school got over, myself and Kaku sat in the car and went to the hotel came back. There after I was very busy. u c i am in Teresa house and I have to select the girls for the sports events which are now coming up. I have to select  girls for the following events 

1.hundred metres race juniors

2. 200 metres race juniors 

3. 400 metres race juniors and of course 

4. juniors relay race  


 then there were events like 

5. shot put 

6. highjump and 

7.Discuss throw 


Also we have to select the girls for seniors hundred metres 200 metres 400 metres and relay race many girls were there and they were very happy to see me. We have got two Sports instructors. Every morning we have to practice PT it is a Korean PT middle school. Children will be holding colourful fans in their hands. The last formation is of  4 flowers so there are four colours of fans. 


Today the main topic in the staff room was how to do PT with saree. Complaining teachers. ...especially those who have to stay back....used  very colourful language. It was funny to hear. ... also from teachers instructing other teachers how to avoid work. I feel very funny because I am here as I am bored at sitting in the house.


I came back home by 5 after which took for tennis and then went to the Samsung showroom to deposit my rent agreement and then back home to collect kukku. His  racquets safety guard was lost so I had to buy that as well.


One dealer of Partha is admitted in Max Hospital as he has a small tumor on the right side of the brain it is very astonishing how the life became dicey for the family in just one evening. Sometimes I think I should pray to God only because we don't have these troubles and thank him with the bottom of the heart. The operation went well. Yesterday we had gone to see him and while talking of diseases we got your know that the item son also had the worms problem.

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