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Trip to Kolkata Started 22nd December 2015 - 23rd January 2016

358 A-1 Street 4 Lane 6
Rajendra  Nagar

Start from Dehradun -:

22nd December 2015

Partha was away and so we started alone (mother in law, me and Avneesh).

 Shrishti had gone to visit Vinni didi. We are reahed Sonju’s house by 4 30. Of course there was a stopover at midway where we had our fill of things that we like. 

Kukku has his subway me and mother in law had south Indian platter. It was good. Thereafter we had tea and completed our journey. 

Superekshita came back home from her office we talked for a while. Her mom was a cute lady who was happy to see us. We talked for a while after which three of us that is Sonju Superekshita and me went to Gopi Nath bazaar and had gol gappes and jalebis. 

Dinner was a grnad spread there was dal rice chapatis butter chicken and one fine vegetable.

32 Pratap Chowk... the house that build me
23rd December 2015.
Today we woke up had tea. Super waited for her Uber cab. Poor thing she had made a mix of egg and other stuff with bread. She left for office I took her mom out for a walk. After that Srishti came home.

I got married from this house

 Sonju took me to see all my old houses and I had a feeling of nostalgia. there was 32 Pratap Chowk, I was reminded powerfully of the old friends, Like Anusha, Aparajita Rewati. the creeper with the pink flowers had been grazed away and instead there were manageable pots of plants which were wonderful none the less.

The giant Santa with Goles and Kukku
Mamoni and Goles

In the airport the whole décor was to celebrate Christmas.   There was a giant Santa and we took many pictures in front of it, also the entire Airport was decorated.  Goles for here too

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