Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 This Sunday all the people for the dip decided it was enough we need an outing.

But first of all let me tell you about the awesome A. 

 She is such a cutie pie …. in class 9th. She has large Eyes and a

wonderful wonderful voice, Deepali sorted her to do the mono acting of Cleopatra and she dressed accordingly ( doesn't she look cute) 


13th was the last day to upload all the files and I was on it till 13th evening 1159.


Rectro kitchen :- we all reached there in bits and pieces … by bits and pieces I mean WE were all in different vehicles.


Partha had got a bottle of Glenlevet….. have I spe;t it right …. it was the awesome whiskey which was smooth as butter and …Oh so delicious. he bought it for his friends in Ultratech.


Retro kitchen is located Jaivik Setu , it is basically A Sunday market in which organic farmers bring their produce to sell. Also the place makes a neat profit by selling poha jalebi and milkshakes. There are swings for the kids, wonderful designed tables and chairs which are equity and rustic...... it is picnic for the whole family.


be heard of Jaivik Setu...... the ladies went there to see the wonders

here we are with tables chairs which look centuries old/ also there were a few ladies who were too busy shopping the organic veggies.

Here are the ladies with organic veggies. Naturally we made fun of them, because there were no bags to carry the stuff, but the veggies were good to look at

Later on after lunch Mrs. P also gave us the haldi kumkum stuff for us to enjoy.

We came back home a little late and I was surprised to see a lizard sitting on top of the camera. 

Wonder what the people in the customer care office for watching??😁

 The lizard had been sitting on the camera the whole day.  anything for a little warmth.

I watched it when we were going outside to Jaivik Setu and I saw it when we came back from there it was an amazing sight.

We had tea in the house of Mr. Lahoti. It was a good day. When I reached home, I saw there was a call from Madhvi and I was too late to receive it.

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