Wednesday, June 19, 2013


19 june 2013

The gold gym of Indore is the crowning glory of the city I feel.... 

about six months back I had gone there to register for the totall clinic of weight loss as my daughter’s was diagnosed with clot in her brain and the doc had asked us to loose weight at the earliest.... there was totall

With physiotherapy
With diet consultation.. 

There was a lady who used to plan our daily diet daily!!!!  And we did follow it faithfully all the time.. And the results were great we both lost about 7 kg together -  mother daughter combined. But now that has gone and instead they have come up with a gym called Gold Gym!!!!

Ever since it had come up I had wanted to go there and join the gold gym you see I had gone there once and seen the great set up, the music was good and there were beautiful machines.. mow the ones in my gym gave me knee joint pans after I walked on it for about 10 min .... but here I can jog and run on it because it is oiled and there are wonderful shock absorbers which jump when I do so

It was love at first sight but then there were finances to consider.....daughter son.... school... and I kept on pestering when ever I could
..... I want gold gym
...... I want gold gym

Finally when one of his friends told him and convinced him he got registered himself@#$$%%^&

well this birthday after gift from my parents I shelled in the rest of the money and now I finally have gold gym.

A beautiful, fit  and  hot Shovona...... here I come.

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