Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To javahone or to androidphone

partha was right I cant compare him to a phone he has the capacity to change with time....

 I have got a "dabba" mobile because when I do the things a smart phone is to do I am helpless..... there are times when I felt that I love my phone more than anything else in the world but that stands no longer true.
for instance I cant scroll down while marking attendance... one teacher told me that it was mandatory that we get a using period of phones then we should choose the phone that we need to buy. 
as advised I tried to type a few words on my blog spot but it was futile.... and I could not.... we bought a new phone for goles  Dont be surprised if we come riding on it one day to your house. we are still in the process of discovering it's apps It can do amazing things and costs only half as much. remember the jvc washing machine that you had in eb 156......

By the way did you read the comment that i wrote to r..... she has not changed one bit.....she has posted a picture of a dragon which her friend has bought called shu shu.  I told her to remember her roots and think of the shu shu in Hindi
he he he

she has clarified it today he he he he he 
well dragon or no dragon we had a good laugh

today i took a chutti from the gym. P D is spared of torturing me there are painful rashes in my thighs( - one of the thing you cant tell a male pt). . . due to excessive sweating i could feel them sliding over each other joyfully all day in school today......and finally rashes. all I can say at this point is dont be rash...... EVER!!!!

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