Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teenager's moms

yesterday I was the horrible and out dated mom because
 I was insensitive
horrible only shouting
and cant cook as do other moms.... the list was endless and that too after coming back from the gym after my hamstrings has taken the beating..... :-(

but I persisted and sat with her for some time and after the tantrum was over we slept together ...

Next day it was like a rainbow after a storm... a sunny day and a cheeerful day.

well the reason.....  finally we had the time to buy something for her, a mobile of her choice and we did go there to the shops to do the same.

there was a great traffic jam and asusual as on sundays the traffic police were towing away the cars from front of the mall ..... mil was with us so we got off at the shops and daddy dearest rode on the roads in the jam and we [son - 10, daughter - 15 mil - 65 ( not interested) and me]selected the phone.....

thanks to the other phones we were able to communicate and finally she got one of her choice, a videocon. 5300.... It was a beautiful mobile

well as long as she is happy


Floortime Lite Mama said...

Love ur blog
great pictures

Dr Asit Kumar Bhattacharyya said...

thanks for the blog,u write well,the pix were lovely,cograts to goles,best wishes. from Baba 1742h Jun21,2013-----