Wednesday, May 21, 2014

days in dehradun part II

well this is the log entry for 21st may 2014

there are many things going on here that it is cumbersome to know when to begin.
1. Goles is crazy about the  new Sherlock Holmes and so she is on the net also on tumbler downloading the pics of her hero who does not know of her existence. we are telling her to study but she does not want to at all and that is why there is a great controversy going on around her all the time. Parth is bugged with her so are Sonju and Mother in law as well. I am too but I know her she will  not study 

2. mil is none to happy about the frank nature of the 2nd son, frankly speaking that is his only vice...  he does every thing for every body and is blessed with God too looks after his father was there with us for the case of bapi as well but sometimes he splews out garbage... from his mouth........i do not care so much but MIL is appalled and very angry about the same.  She is not watching tv at all for the same reason. Thank god for the smart phone. We are able to see the things of our desire on the same.

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