Thursday, March 12, 2015

A day of cribs ( 29th , November 2014)

1st there was gym

Then  Kukku was home  it was only 1.00pm. Automan Ajay told me that I have to get Kukku back from school till the annual function. This was very bad. Very bad automan. Daily till Dalan wala and back after gym. Very very bad automan .

Had bath. I could hear silly fights from the bath. Mil is whining about naughty kukku. Naughty kukku and bad mil. Very naughty and very very bad.

After bath went to the roof for sunning my wet hair . T hank God for good sun. Picked up and folded the clothes. They were still fighting.

Then had lunch of palak pane er,  chole and fish. It was bad fish. I could not eat whole so threw it away.

Partha called me wanted me to go to bank because naughty goles. GOLES finishes all money by the end of each month.
Very bad Goles .

I switched on navigator on phone because can't find my way there it took me to another ICICI Bank.  Bad phone. VERY BAD NAVIGATOR.

Then I called Partha who laughed at my traffic sense and told me the way. Naughty partga.

I also went to Bhusawal mesho's house to   enquire about medicine. He was not happy to see me because he does not like Sonju shouting at him. (Will explain later am having fun with all the bads).
Naughty Mesho.

Then went to bank and did the jobs now Goles will get 6000 on the 1st and 2000 for Fd will go on the 26th so money will be safe.

Came  home.  On the way bought gloves for Kukku. He was very naughty   in shop and was asking for leather gloves. Bad Kukku.

Then bought green tea. And 2 wollen socks for me. Woollen socks keep me warm. Brown   ones look like feet from far away.

Bought milk and curd. On the way saw a house where there was welding machine works going on asked him to wait and told Partha to hurry because I can't carry a big trunk there. Partha said it will be very late. Naughty partha... very naughty.

Came home and made tea and milk. Milk man's mother died so have to buy milk from the market till Tuesday . Kukku spilled the curd outside car. Very very naughty kukku.

Kukku  came home and opened the packet of bread very bad. Now  all the bread is open. Insects walk on open bread. Cockroaches eat open bread. We have to eat bread. Naughty and bad Kukku. We ate our tea and milk in silence. Mil wanted mudi. When I give mudi she wants chide . When I give her chide she wants biscuits. When I give her biscuits she wants mudi. Always complaining. Always always.... bad mil very very bad.

Then put soya chunks in a saucepan and started watching TV.  All are burnt and stuck to the saucepan. Bad me very very bad and careless. Very very careless.

Partha said he will get dinner from outside. But I said no I will cook. Hone cooked food has less calories and easy to digest. Outside food is rich and savoury. Partha was sad but no outside food.

After dinner Kukku slept . Partha and me went for a walk. Partha does on want to walk. He wants to sleep.

But I want walk so we go. We walk for 3 km. My cardio widget app is very good. Good App. Our speed is 11.50 min per km. It is good

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