Thursday, March 12, 2015

11 th November 2015

I have applied to another school called DPSG Delhi public School Ghaziabad. . Not associated with DPSG.  They are planning to open a school near Chakrata road and it is very near my house.

I liked it's fill application on line and upload picture and CV. I look like a frog in it but we'll we should try and be happy with what God has given... In my case what I have made of what God has given.

Gupta Aunty has come and she is very fun yo be with. She is also very progressive and loves to talk. Only yesterday I did several mistakes while cooking food because I was busy listening to her... she stands in the kitchen when cooking and talks of many interesting things like the mistakes made by md.  Bin Tuglak. Who changed the capital from Delhi to Agra also she says it will be good when people have laptops instead of copies at least trees will be saved. Such a refreshing change from Mil who only interjects with I don't know these things. She has opinions of almost every thing and that makes for interesting conversations.

Yesterday I made makki atta with mooli parantha.  It was good.  Especially with curd and the mirchi pickle which Aunty has made. She has also told me to make atta laddu with gond  and dry fruits.

She has told many tales of her natis and natnis  who are trials to their parents  too. Recently one of her friend died she is called Anniriddha Singh Aunty.  She was a rani Queen of a small district in Jaipur and as a result was very posh. She was only 62 and too young. They were neighbours and spend many mornings together mummy Aunty and Anniruddha Singh Aunty.  The uncles used to go to office and then they would be together chit chat and gupsgup.  Mummy would sleep in the afternoon and Aunty would wake her by 3 30 after which they would have tea.

Sadly Partha will be in Delhi on his birthday and we will be here on that day.  Thankfully that is one treat filled day that we are missing.

Goles refuses to talk to us and as a result we are having snippets of her life from face book entries. Today it is 9th and already she has withdrawn 4500 from the account. Partha has read a few face book entries and has assumed that Goles is doing work for her classmates. Should I take him seriously... he is also scared of Pusey the cat who asks us for food sometimes. He thinks he will jump on him and scratch his eyes out.

Still it hurts that often the things he thinks of Goles are true

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