Thursday, March 12, 2015

Naughty kids Rule

Naughty kids rule and that is the truth.  A few months back two kids came to meet their ex teachers in school and one was an engineering student (PERFORMER KID) and another one was the shit naughty boy he was also BCom..

1. He had placed a play toy doodie on the staff room desk with appropriate smell and watched in glee all the teacher's come out with closed nostrils. Yellow card

2. He had hidden George sirs shoes during a practice and he had to drive home without shows that day. They got it on the staff room table the next day with apology note from the boy. Yellow card

3. During Holi he had placed mug of water on the class room door so that when the teacher came in she was drenched.

Guess who got more love hugs and kisses. It was the naughty boy. We still talk of him . The  the 1st day I joined school. He had stopped Kukku from going out if the bus and I had compained to vice principal ma'am about it as Kukku was complaining. It turned out to be a mares nest as Kukku was kicking another classmate and playing WWE in the bus itself for a long time.

He is a head taller than me and before coming to Dehradun I saw him behimd the mac Donalds  counter and was soooo pleased to see him.

I am glad Rohan is naughty.. so was Goes and so was Kukku.  It is that part of their childhood that I miss the most.

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