Thursday, March 12, 2015

22 nd November 2015

We are in test mode now. KUKKU had his FA 3 examinations.  If you want to know what it means. .. It is Formative assessment. We are still in test mode.  Kapil Sibal has tried do hard to change the mind set of the parents but still we are the children for the marks that they give us. It is sad. But the US system he argues is better but they do not put stress on the kids to study which makes them less.

Shekhar Bhaiya says that the kids can't come to India any more because they cannot cope with the amount of studies that kids here have to do. What are the stress levels that kids  face out of India? ?. I feel that Rohan has one on one tutors and as a result must be less stressed than the average American child.

Our clock is ticking according to the tests that Kukku has to take. Here we study in the balcony and the road a front of us is so less crowded that rivers of peace flow all the time. Except for a dog barking or a veg wala calling we are free from traffic stress.

So much so that when mil comes kukku goes to the roof to study as she is a very big disturbing element.
We finally bought him a fibre quilt.. and very costly too 4280.

We also bought two suits for mil from Amartex. She bought a woollen kurti and insisted on a churidaar (ready made) with it (it is black   woollen lower).It will look silly but then you have one life and should enjoy it by looking silly once in a while.  Mummy when you one here I will also buy you gloves from Mussorie.  If I go there  before I come to purulia I will get it from here.

Kukku ' s blanket is very nice. It looks great as it is so soft. I have put a fleece blanket as a bed sheet and it was so warm last night that we could not sleep..

Partha is running around for the passport for his travel to Hong Kong and Macaw. I will go once kukku grows up and can can be less of a pest to his mil which is only when he will be in college. His trip to ITC cost us dearly 27000. And there is Goles fees to think of too.

I am missing baba Badrinath. But we plan to take the trip in April.

So many dreams and so many things in my bucket list. .. I wish I have time to fulfill all wishes.

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