Thursday, March 12, 2015

8th January 2015 Purulia

In the past fee days I had acquired free bees of sorts from many quarters
1. Paan from Chapa mama
2. 2 laddoos from jamai ki dukan.
On Tuesday as we were getting bored in the house I went to market with kukku. At 8 pm. He was at loath to walk but I said we will count steps if we cross the limit of 1000 I would let him download a silly game of car racing which he wants desperately.  So he walked and counted the steps sincerely. I fought and made him count 100 steps again but sadly when we reached  Jamai dukan we had completed 950 steps already and Kukku was very happy and pleased as a result we talked to Jamai....
Kukku happily because of the car racing dreams. ... Jamai was happy to talk to Kukku who he remembered in our arms a few days back. He asked about you Tublu  and also Goles.
He asked Kukku if he could come and visit us in Noida and Kukku  told him that he would happily receive him in D doon. As Noida was the home of his sister. Jamai  insisted that Kukku take two laddoos which I had already bought from the shop. I had already got 4 laddoos as Kukku was eyeing them with wet mouth.!@#$&^&/$#.  The greedy boy.

We also went to choto aina shop where we got ginger biscuits.... Oh Tublu how I missed you there :-(
In Sara da moni store also we chatted  about  you and his kids too. His kids are in college noe daughter is studying Geology and son BA. He seemed more proud of his daughter than his boy. He also told me that Kukku was in your lap the last time you came. Was he ???
Here both mummy and baba say that Goles used to read Harry Potter books when she was here in class 6th and she also used to study... but Kukku does no such thing.  I thing we will be disappointed with Kukku as Goles with so much cranial power was unable to get us to be proud with her class 12th result.
Things here in Purulia  are just the same. Today I went to get a dongle for baba ' s computer and also mummy's debit card, which I feel is mandatory. But as I was about to get out ( after putting all things required e.g.  pan card photocopy and the  computers. And also the signatures of mother on the application forms ) there was a trauma of the sorts as it was Thursday we were not supposed to spend any money. But I went out none the less. Took a rickshaw to Rangoli  shop for airtel broadband connection. It turned out to be another Rangoli. I went around in cures in bus number 11 till I found airtel DTH. Then air tel phones. . Then I found out that airtel dongle is out side the super market.  The stinky fish mandi which is on our way to Amdia.
There too I met disappointment as the man wanted address proof and not PAN card photocopy.
I then came to Allahabad Bank for mummy's debit card (you will be sad to know that we no longer enjoy VIP status we used to enjoy earlier when Bhanu mama was not retired.)
The clerk there asked me if I want instant debit card or by post.  I said instant he told me to come after 3 pm.  :-(.
When I told mummy this she told me to come home at once. I would go there tomorrow. Which I will. I bought Sandesh from Mohan  sweet.
How I missed you Tublu your assistance and ball sweets.  I bought them both but they are not as enjoyable as when you are also here to fight with the last bits.
We had been to Amdia and there we found out that
a.Meshomoshai had broken a spine vertebrae.
b. BHAKTI mashi had a unhealthy ankle wound.
C. Baby pishi was old.
d. Mrs Boom was expecting a baby by feb and as she does a job else where she was not there. It was like that house in three idiots of Sharman Joshi. The house was in a diapilated condition. There was dust everywhere.  Also no dogs were there so Kukku was disappointed as he had thought there would be Shelly to play with.
When  Boomba came home I nearly lept on him with joy. I was happy to see him but I think he is characterless. ( He hugged me reluctantly) I think he has  a dirty mind.
I am missing you like crazy Tublu... Every thing here reminds me of you.
I am wearing your old yellow sweater.
I am eating the ass and ball sweets which you love so much.
We are discussing you with the local shopkeepers and relatives.
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Kukku is keeping mummy busy by lighting the lighter plus he has discovered the joy of rechargeable torch which mother has bought from Ranjit's shop. She thinks it will burst if recharged more than its Quota kukku wants to convince her otherwise.
Goles has gone for a military training camp in Manesar and has done para gliding today

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