Thursday, March 12, 2015

18 th Nov 2015

In this gym I am doing the same shit for the past few months. I reach here at 11 am
1. Cross trainer for 30 min
2. Treadmill 15 min
3. Step up 30 X 3
4.  The things that Poonam taught me in Gold gym ( abs/squats/ legs)

Also that is the time for the instructors to do their workout. I have asked nicely for a schedule any times but always Gagan says madam " Ek din bas 9 baje a a jao. "

Here in doon also there are great bodies. One is like the man in capt America. I very skinny boy comes but when he opens his jacket his mean muscles sight. I mean when you have hot bodies to work on no one wants to work on aunties.  They show results much faster plus you can make them sweat more and they don't complain.

I don't want him to stand and count like a personal trainer but I just need a schedule. .. what to do on


cardiovascular 30 min                        squats 2 X 15
bicep curls 2 X 15
Then Tuesday.

Today the owner was here and I asked her what I have to do to get a schedule.  She said (shocked) "kya abhi tak nahi mila". Then the trainers had it. A few days back the manager had gone  for physical and was absent there was no one here at 11 for 2 days.

I reached to find a closed gym and after the 2nd day was very angry because when I was on the way I saw Gaganjit going back home and shouted his name out in the road after stopping the car. He pretended that he does not know me. Also I  had called him he did not call me back.I was very pissed.  After that I have barely been making eye contact with him.

After shouting at the manager she made Kavi write up a schedule for 3 days for me and told me to do different things. Not only cross trainer or treadmill. If there is any problem. . She asked me to contact Anurag she gave the ph number.

Thereafter I followed the schedule by Kavi. And saw a fuming Gagan put up  a good show and train others who were there along with me.

Well before leaving I said bye to Gagan who said "madam maine bola tha... main karaonga aapko bolne ki kya zaroorat thi."

  I told him "I wanted schedule aur kissi ko kuch karana nahi hai.. ghee nikalna tha seedhi ungli se nahi nikla to teda karna pada."

Then he asked to see my schedule and I showed it to him.

He said kal 5 min karke aana main aapko bataunga. Like the shit I will... anyway I left.

In Mussorie I bought great mittens for Mil and Goles. They were having fingers till the 2nd digit and after that the fingers were free to write. But there is a cap (you can call it a finger cap) which covers the entire fingers when you are not using them. It cost 350 bucks. And they also have a lining inside.

We were supposed to go to Badrinath on the 21-24. And in the Gym I was asking Lord Narayan. I talk to various Gods many times in a day. I said "God you have given me everything that a person can desire I will ask for one thing that is very important for me. You must make me 80 kgs."

Today I hear that snow has fallen and the roads are closed on 19th and not on the 27th as scheduled. What do you mean God......?????

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