Thursday, March 12, 2015

4th Feb 2015

The greatest truth of life comes to me in a flash. ..

As a rule man is a fool....
When it's hot he wants cool
When it is cool he wants hot
  Always wanting what is not

Now that a job is round the corner I am slightly worried about my free time removal.  Really God has his hands full with my chu chu. Always I am a big chu chu. God I am sorry for being such a problem kid.. I said so in the temple yesterday while reading Hanuman Chalisa.  Of course there is no surety.

1. the other girl is young plus
2.she us a graduate from Gargi also
3.her status is permanent residency still.

They told in the end that they are thinking of  placeing me in place of Smriti  ma'am if they select me. But all was good. I am only worried about my super confident attitude which might appear as smug and over confidence . TOO BAD . I have tried working on it too.. but all in vain. I talked to the owners about out

1.  touchscreen smart board and that we are now shifting to tata edge as we are not happy with that (Another software like educomp. . In which I am very good)... there I go again.

2. That there is no power problem as they have a great power backup (DPS Indore).

3. I also said our school was so huge that we hardly knew the primary teachers.

All these are true but in retrospect the atmosphere became slightly chilly after that. I did not mean... that they are non software savy. Have poor power backup and have a small school. Oh dear I just hop Gunmeet ma'am's jack pays up.

A new tenant have come behind us husband wife and child. They are nice and I want to play with the child who happens to be a cutie pie (free with flying Kissess).  But I am afraid how things will work out later and they will leave me to baby sit the kid and go off to see movies.

I told Goles about the DPS Noida she said... There are many pros and cons and you may think it is all good but you may not like it either. (I could see her conflict. ...her new found freedom was slipping away)  I told her that mamoni also wants to stay with us. She said.. are you sure??? You want to take such a big step. What about baba what does he say?.

I must say her psychology skill are paying off very well. She did not make me resentful but she also pointed out the problems that I may have and at the same time made me feel that she was not happy about it. She is a smart girl. I must say.

Well let me pray that the owners did not take offence at my attitude.. and reinstall me a working position.

The girl or rather lady who stays in front Goyal Aunty .. If you remember I told you about a 53 year old girl who is mentally and physically challenged fell out of bed and hurt her thigh... she is unable to sit in the sun anymore and though the mom and the physiotherapist checked that there is no fracture. .. she yells in pain during her physiotherapy. I feel very bad for Goyal Aunty. . Also her daughter whose name is Neelu. Two days back before putting the pan for piss Goyal Aunty moved a bit to put the heater in the proper position when Neelu pissed on the sheets it self. Goyal Aunty was very upset when she talked of it to me the other day.

I have discovered they joy of subway surfing a game for the phone and also temple run. I had uninstalled it as Goles was addicted to it but I regret it now.  Kukku told me that they had unlocked many players ... no wonder they were both crying when I had uninstalled it. I feel like crying myself now. My score is very less I have been able to unlock only Tasha, Talbot and Fresca.

Kukku in his computer gabe GTA 4 had a date with a girl and  I helped him choose his outfit. The girlfriend generated by the computer did not like it much. It was good that Nico (Kukku's pseudonym) killed her soon thereafter.

I have also uploaded the game on Khan Aunty,'s phone. It is Dios. .. and she loves it so  much that she plans to buy a tablet with better memory so that she can play better.

Yesterday uncle told me that "you are spoiling her "... I replied. ... "uncle you have golf what does Aunty have?"

On that happy NOTE 4... Oh dear  note Let me end.

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