Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rather weighty this 9th Feb 2015

Yesterday a congress minister died in UK and it is 3 days leave Kukku has .. and I have missed 2 days of gym namely Saturday and Monday. 

It depresses me no end that u am perpetually starving and going to the gym yet I can't stop myself from eating horrible stuff.. like the last cream biscuit to empty the biscuit jar ..or try the new hide and seek bourbon biscuit.  REALLY....How am I supposed to loose weight is totally beyond me.

In my gym the new guy has come and tells me repeatedly... Aapko strength na karo ..... cardio karo.. A aapke liye wo hi theek hai... pehle weight loose hoga aur phir muscle mass bade ga to theek hai.

Sumit was going for preparing for UK sub inspector he smartly made my day of fees payment on the 27th Feb as I had informed them that I will go to Kolkata in December and paid for 3 months Nov. ..Dec. ..Jan. .but I was in Kolkata in Jan as a result he extended my 3 month pd before leaving.  Smart Sumit.

Whay is right ??? gym instructor that people who have such great weight should do cardio and no strength?? Because in Gold there was too much stress on muscle building. .

PARTHA has gone for a three day tour Monday to Wednesday and I have to wake early to make Kukku ready for school. .. another stress... Neeru has gone for the wedding to clement town and she says she will stay there for 3 days so Neeru and Partha will come back together. I mean on the same day.

Yesterday Partha got to know of a doctor who wants to rent our house. So he wants to clean it up and make the top story and get it properly maintained so that we can ask for a 10000 rent at least.

Well he asked mummy to show that she has sold the house to him so that he can get a loan against that and make a top story as he has the people and resources now, but Mil was totally against it and told him not to be silly which made him resentful... well life is like that.. that is another weighty issue between mother and son.

On Kukku's shoulder rests the weight if good performance. Yesterday I  spoke to Sunita Bhabi who has been staying in Kota for the past 3 years now as Gudiya took a break of 1 yr as she did not want to do dental. Last year she qualified for dental but wanted medical.

It is a big weight on her poor shoulders and I feel for her. I hope she manages her medical somewhere. Sunita bhabi have given Dehradun as their centre as we stay in doon.

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